natasha barnes counsellor newark

About Me

I worked as a secondary school teacher and a connexions young people’s adviser before I trained as a counsellor/ psychotherapist.

I decided to be a counsellor for two main reasons. Firstly I had counselling myself and found it to be supportive, healing and liberating.  I realised I would like to be able to offer support to others in this way.

Secondly I also enjoyed the 1-1 support I was able to offer in both of my previous jobs and realised that counselling would be a job that suited me.

I have previously therapeutically supported people at Nottingham Rape Crisis centre, The Quetzal project in Leicester and ISAS, Newark. In these roles I supported supporting male and female survivors of incest, childhood sexual abuse and other kinds of abuse and trauma. 

I recently completed my MSc in person-centred and experiential psychotherapy and am now a fully qualified counsellor at band 7 level (MSc).

I have had my own busy private psychotherapy practice since September 2017. I have training and experience to support to people with many difficulties including anxiety, depression, relationship issues,  self care, life challenge’s, mental health difficulties, loss, trauma, dissociation and PTSD.

What I offer

I am a person-centred psychotherapist which means I work to offer Carl Rogers therapeutic relational conditions to help and support you to explore your challenges. So I will offer you empathy, be non judgmental and offer you unconditional warmth and respect. In addition to this I offer support to help you to connect with your feelings and experiences and to allow them to be processed. I also seek to be fully present with you and understand you well. How long we work together, what you speak about and how we work is for you to decide. I will support you in this journey. I work to BACP ethical standards and am happy to share these with you in our work. I work with men and women over 16 and am happy to support people with any issue they may be facing. Some examples (not an exhaustive list) of issuesI am used to supporting people in are:


  • MSc in Person Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy (The Sherwood Institute, Nottingham).
  • BA Hons (University College London)
  • PGCE (Nottingham)
  • QCG (Nottingham Trent)

Professionally Recognised

  • Insured by Balens Insurance Ltd
  • Accredited by UKCP
  • Fully clinically supervised
  • Engaged in continuing professional development
  • DBS checked
  • Safeguarding training up to date