Counselling and Psychotherapy in Newark

I will work hard to understand you well, to listen and support you in whatever you’d like to speak about. I will seek to be present with you and meet you where you are. I will work to appreciate how your life feels for you now and be with you while you feel anything you may need to.

Maybe you are unsure what to say, feel overwhelmed at the thought of seeking counselling or worry what you have to say is too small or even to awful to speak about. I will help you to feel safe and reassured to begin speaking about your concerns.

For me counselling is about being with someone who has concerns or struggles in a special way and supporting them find the way forward.

Any struggle or emotion you share will be valued and treated with the greatest respect. I will offer you an experienced professional and kind, connection. I will support you to move to a better place and care well for yourself.


I currently have daytime appointments available Monday to Thursdays 9am-5pm. Short and long term work is available. I offer a scale of payment between £25-£60 per session depending on financial circumstances and session length. The standard price is £40 per hour. Counselling student price is £35 per hour.

Contact Me

You are very welcome to make contact and either book a first session or we can arrange a 20 minute phone conversation to discuss possible therapy. 

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