Covid 19 Policy/Reflections

Please don’t attend a session in person if you or anyone in your household has any symptoms of Covid or have had a recent positive Covid test.

Please don’t attend an in-person session if you’ve been asked to isolate by track and trace or have been asked to quarantine after traveling to high risk Covid areas.

There will be two windows open at all times during in person sessions. Therefore the room may be cooler than usual.

Natasha will clean key surfaces between each in-person client session. To enable this and prevent clients crossing over in the corridors sessions will be 50 mins in-person.

Should you need to switch to an online session at short notice, Natasha will have online options available at all times.

Please try to arrive on time. There won’t be any waiting room facilities.

Please wear a face covering during entering and departing the room. When arriving at your chair you are very welcome to remove your mask.

A full Covid risk assessment for both Beloved and for Barnbygate has been carried out to seek to make you as safe as possible. You are welcome to see these if you wish.

Toilets will still be available and cleaned regularly.

Please inform Natasha as soon as possible if you are showing Covid symptoms soon after attending a face to face session. In this situation track and trace may require Natasha to disclose your name and mobile number.

It’s possible you might catch Covid 19 from attending an in-person therapy session.

Natasha’s household will be carrying out regular Covid tests.

Natasha has now been fully vaccinated against Covid 19.

Please feel free to bring your own tissues, drink, blanket or sanitizer as you see fit. Sanitizer will be provided in the room.

Seats will be further apart than before.

We can all seek to keep 2 metres apart where possible

If you feel more comfortable Natasha is happy to hear a face shield during sessions. She will wear a mask as you enter and leave but not once seated.

Please text me when you arrive to avoid using door bells.

Natasha will open and close the doors on entry and exit.

Please follow Covid safe posters and guidance around the building as appropriate.

Finally welcome back! I look forward to seeing some of you in person from Tuesday 8th June 2021. My last in person session was 16th March 2020!